Bringing it all home

Sea-going oceanographers, like those aboard the R/V Sikuliaq today, have a cautionary principle that they always keep in the back of their minds.  When an expensive piece of scientific equipment, the vital infrastructure that makes up most of the budget for an ocean research team, goes over the side of a ship and into the sea you can’t expect for … Read More

VIDEO // “Eddies: Exploring mixing in the Beaufort Sea”

Scripps graduate student Effie Fine helps explain some remarkable warm eddies ArcticMix has observed in the Beaufort Sea. Watch this video feature, “Eddies: Exploring mixing in the Beaufort Sea”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Chasing Storms”

Bad weather can equal good science.  Come chase storms on the ArcticMix voyage. Watch this video feature, “Chasing Storms”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

LISTEN // ArcticMix Chief Scientist talks to KUAC

ArcticMix Chief Scientist Dr. Jen MacKinnon talks to KUAC, explaining some of the strange physical structure of the Arctic that may mean there is a climate change feedback we have yet to discover. >>    

VIDEO // “The Mission”

Why are we out here? Watch this video feature, “The Mission”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

When things go wrong

Making scientific observations at sea is by definition difficult and unpredictable and this is especially true north of the Arctic circle. In a place like the Beaufort Sea, a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, the cold and extreme remoteness combine with the typical ocean challenges of corrosive salt-water, driving wind, and the stress and strain of violent motion to … Read More

Media Release // Oceanographic team finds new clues to the ocean’s heat driving Arctic’s fourth lowest sea-ice minimum

Arctic Mix // Media Release Oceanographic team finds new clues to the ocean’s heat driving Arctic’s fourth lowest sea-ice minimum September 15th, 2015 – R/V Sikuliaq, Beaufort Sea Today, as the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) announced the fourth lowest Arctic sea-ice minimum on record, an oceanographic team aboard the National Science Foundation’s R/V Sikuliaq is using unique … Read More

VIDEO // “Messages for home”

The ArcticMix team and crew are away from home for what can feel like a long time.  We are now half-way through our voyage. Watch this video feature, “Messages for home”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Mooring Deployment”

Chief Scientist Jen MacKinnon explains the ArcticMix mooring operation. Watch this video feature, “Mooring Deployment”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )

Anchoring an Arctic story down deep

For most of us in our daily lives we think of our world in three dimensions.  We need to get up out of bed, across the floor, and through the door to the kitchen to make the coffee.  But when it comes to observing the physical nature of planet earth what is happening at a given location in three-dimensional space … Read More