VIDEO // “Eddies: Exploring mixing in the Beaufort Sea”

Scripps graduate student Effie Fine helps explain some remarkable warm eddies ArcticMix has observed in the Beaufort Sea. Watch this video feature, “Eddies: Exploring mixing in the Beaufort Sea”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Chasing Storms”

Bad weather can equal good science.  Come chase storms on the ArcticMix voyage. Watch this video feature, “Chasing Storms”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “The Mission”

Why are we out here? Watch this video feature, “The Mission”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Messages for home”

The ArcticMix team and crew are away from home for what can feel like a long time.  We are now half-way through our voyage. Watch this video feature, “Messages for home”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Mooring Deployment”

Chief Scientist Jen MacKinnon explains the ArcticMix mooring operation. Watch this video feature, “Mooring Deployment”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )

VIDEO // “Instrument testing”

Get out on deck, it’s your watch, and the ArcticMix team is testing their unique, custom engineered technology designed to explore undersea secrets behind rapidly melting ice in the Arctic, sea ice that is disappearing faster than current scientific knowledge has predicted. Watch this video feature, “Instrument testing”. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “We’re rolling”

Sit down, watch this video feature, and imagine your computer and chair pitching across the room.  Hang on.  ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Crew Rendezvous”

Jump in the small boat, land on the beach, and meet Joe and his huskies. Watch this video feature of the R/V Sikuliaq rendezvousing with ArcticMix crew members off Teller, Alaska, last week. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )  

VIDEO // “Leaving Nome”

Watch this video feature of the ArcticMix team setting off from port in Nome, Alaska last week. ( by Faith Haney – Transect Films )

VIDEO // Test Cruise for ArcticMix

In the lead-up to the ArcticMix cruise in the Beaufort Sea the team tested the primary instruments to be deployed in waters off the coast of San Diego.